elBullifoundation; Ferran Adrià: Italian Breakfast

Ferran Adrià’s elBullifoundation uses the Italian colazione to explore the concept of breakfast through the rigorous Sapiens methodology
– the result of years of extensive in-depth research by experts from around the world

This in-depth encyclopedic volume, from world-renowned chef Ferran Adrià’s think tank the elBullifoundation, provides the last word on the first meal of the day.

From what breakfast comprises to where it is served and consumed, its history, and how it differs around the globe.

This book is the ultimate companion for all chefs and serious food enthusiasts.
Guided by the unique ‘Sapiens’ methodology, and with the breakfast of Italy as its foundation, this valuable reference work redefines the way we look at what is regarded by many as the most important meal of the day.



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elBullifoundation; Ferran Adrià: Italian Breakfast

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