Ferran Adrià: What is Cooking

The Action: Cooking, The Result: Cuisine


A fascinating reflection on the essence of cooking – from Ferran Adriá’s elBullifoundation

For groundbreaking chefs such as Ferran Adriá, cooking has reached a level of complexity where science, chemistry, and technology intersect with immense creativity and imagination.

Adriá’s latest ‚Sapiens‘ volume takes readers on a compelling journey to better understand the relationship between the human race and the process of preparing food.

Packed with images from Adriá’s legendary restaurant elBulli, his unique personal sketches, and explanatory diagrams that are used in his lectures, this book revolutionizes the way we look at how we prepare what we eat.


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Ferran Adrià: What is Cooking

Sprache: Englisch
464 Seiten, 1000 Farbabbildungen, 330 mm, gebunden
– Phaidon, Berlin –    
120,00 EUR