Hendrik Willemyns:
Room of Imaginary Creatures

Poems and Illustrations from the Dark Side of Music

Room of Imaginary Creatures is a book of poems, written by musicians
and poets taking the point of view of a prostitute.
A bestiary describing customers, lovers, situations.

The illustrations, like the poems were contributed by people from all over the
world. Japan, Nigeria, USA, Denmark, Belgium, China…

Hendrik Willemyns is a Belgian musician (ARSENAL) and filmmaker (Dance Dance Dance) who, in his work, researches the dark nature of music.
This is his first book. Which is part of a greater project encompassing an Arsenal-album that was released in 2018 (In the rush of Shaking Shoulders) and a movie (BIRDSONG) to be released in sync with this book.
The soundtrack of the movie will be made available ONLY through this book.


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Hendrik Willemyns: Room of Imaginary Creatures

228 Seiten, 145 x 210 mm, fully illustrated, gebunden
– gingko press –