The Silver Spoon Kitchen:
The Italian Bakery


Step-by-Step Recipes with the Silver Spoon.

Bake like an Italian with this latest Silver Spoon treasure – a culinary inspiration and go-to kitchen companion.
The Italian Bakery is the first volume in the Silver Spoon library to focus on dolci
– the Italian term for all sweet treats.

Dishes found in bakeries throughout Italy’s diverse regions come to life in 140 accessible classic and contemporary patisserie recipes with step-by-step photography, geared toward novices and experienced bakers alike.

Filled with cakes, pastries, pies, cookies, sweets and chocolates, and frozen puddings, the collection showcases a wide range of delectable desserts suitable for everyday indulgences and special-occasion celebrations – the Italian way.






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The Silver Spoon Kitchen: The Italian Bakery

Sprache: Englisch
360 Seiten mit 455 Farbfotos, 27 cm, gebunden  
– Phaidon, Berlin –
45,00 EUR