Art Escapes

Hidden Art Experiences Outside the Museum.

Art exists all around us:
one just needs to know where to look.
Escaping the conventional settings of the museum or gallery, a fascinating variety of art pieces exist everywhere from Ghanaian patios to the Las Vegas desert, from the forest in Scandinavia to the buzzing streets of Mexico City.


Unconventional Art Places is a thoughtful journey through these little-known gems that become a destination in themselves, and should be part of every art-lover bucket list.


Away from the queues, the crowds, and the constraints of the classic art spaces, these places invite you to discover creativity in a new light.



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Art Escapes

Herausgegeben:gestalten; Grace Banks; Andrea Servert; Robert Klanten
Sprache: Englisch
256 Seiten, 26 cm, gebunden
– Die Gestalten Verlag –      
39,90 EUR