Arne Glimcher: Agnes Martin


The only complete career retrospective of this visionary painter
– a classic, now available again in a handsome new binding.

Agnes Martin’s career spanned over seven decades.
Though a major influence on Minimalist painters, Martin saw her own work more closely related to Abstract Expressionism, her paintings being
‚meditations on innocence, beauty, happiness and love.‘

This much-anticipated reissue of Arne Glimcher’s highly-acclaimed book presents 130 of Martin’s paintings and drawings alongside her previously unpublished writings and lecture notes.


Glimcher’s illuminating introduction, his personal memories of visits to Martin at her studio, and their correspondence throughout her career, reveal many insights into the artist’s life and work.









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Arne Glimcher: Agnes Martin

Sprache: Englisch
364 Seiten,   200 Abbildungen, 290 x 250 mm, gebunden
– Phaidon, Berlin –    
125,00 EUR