brassband – pencil

This Midori Brass Pencil is made of solid brass and is remarkable in its design.
When „opened“ it measures 149mm, which fits like a glove. A glove to write with that is.
The Brass pencil is equipped with an HB pencil and can be replaced with
the pencils in the refill pack or any other pencil-end you have left.

The Midori Brass series is a stationery line made of solid brass.
This series proudly carries the „ages well“-signature; the longer you use it,
the better it becomes.

Over time, the copper within the brass alloy oxidizes and your brass item might
develop some verdigris (i.e. rust). You could polish your brass item with some
metal polish, but we suggest you just leave it, the more scratches,
moisty fingerprints and verdigris, the better!


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brassband – pencil

Der Messingbleistift besteht aus 2 Teilen.
Geschlossen ähnelt er einer Patronenhülle.
Maße: 98 mm
Made in Japan
23 EUR

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