Massimo Bottura; Phaidon Editors: The Kitchen Studio

Culinary Creations by Artists


A unique exploration of the culinary imagination and creativity of a stellar array of international contemporary artists – a host of intriguing personal recipes shown through the artists‘ own words and images

Creativity doesn’t stop at an artist’s studio door – for many, it continues into the kitchen.

For the first time, more than 70 artists, including Ghada Amer, Jimmie Durham, Studio Olafur Eliasson, Subodh Gupta, Nikolai Haas, Jeppe Hein, Carsten Höller, Dorothy Iannone, Ragnar Kjartansson, John Lyons, Philippe Parreno, Nicolas Party, Zina Saro-Wiwa, Tiffany Sia, and Rirkrit Tiravanija, and others, have been invited to share and illustrate a recipe of their own.



Laura Wilson, The Humbova. Please note: PPE is required for this recipe as humbugs are hard. So aside from your normal baking equipment you will also need a pair of safety goggles and a hammer. (Humbugs are hard candies). Picture credit: courtesy/copyright the artist (page 267, bottom)


Olaf Breuning. Fake Japanese Breakfast. Image: Mrs Onion. Picture credit: courtesy/copyright the artist (page 49)


Nicolas Party. Two Cherries. Picture credit: courtesy/copyright the artist (pages 190-191)


Nikolai Haas. Cheese Head. Picture credit: courtesy/copyright the artist (pages 114-115)


Fallen Fruit. How to Make Jam (and Share With Others). Picture credit: Courtesy of Fallen Fruit © David Allen Burns and Austin Young, 2021 (pages 92-93)


Nedko Solakov. Solak Sundae. Image: Solak Sundae, 2020. Sepia, black and white ink, and wash on paper, 19 × 28 cm (71/2 × 11 inches). Picture credit: courtesy/copyright the artist (pages 230-231)


These are either the best culinary concoctions they have ever invented, or an especially meaningful dish.
The result is an exciting range of contributions spanning all manner of meals and drinks, both savory and sweet, from around the globe, brilliantly brought to life by a wealth of sketches, photographs, collages, paintings, and personal snaps.
Many of the culinary creations included are achievable by adventurous home cooks, but the pages include an incredibly diverse array of dishes from the conceptual to the personal, the elaborate to the simple, the sweet to the savory, and from the serious to the funny to the downright bizarre.


With an introduction by the globally celebrated chef and art enthusiast MASSIMO BOTTURA, this is an intriguing and entertaining gift for food lovers and contemporary art enthusiasts alike.

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Massimo Bottura; Phaidon Editors: The Kitchen Studio

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