Sue Lowell Gallion: Our World


A read-aloud introduction to geography for young children that, when opened and folded back, creates a freestanding globe.

Children are invited to identify and experience the Earth’s amazing geography through rhyming verse and lush illustrations:
from rivers, lakes, and oceans deep, to valleys, hills, and mountains steep.
Secondary text offers more detailed, curriculum-focused facts and encourages readers to consider their own living environments, making the reading experience personal yet set within a global backdrop.

This informative homage to Earth is sure to inspire readers to learn more about their planet – and to engage with the world around them.





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Sue Lowell Gallion: Our World

A First Book of Geography
Mitarbeit: Lisk Feng
Sprache: Englisch  
26 Seiten mit
zahlreichen bunten Bildern, 321 mm, Pappband
von 2-5 Jahren
– Phaidon, Berlin –      
  16,95 EUR