– Collagen von Dunia Barrera


V E R N I S S A G E  am Freitag, 2. Juni  // 19 – 21 Uhr
bei Literatur Moths


„My collage work revolves around language.
My main influences are my love of typography, Futurism, and architecture.
For me, collage is the perfect medium to express myself. The idea of liberating letters from the meaning we give them as a society fascinates me.
Most of the time, I like to challenge what we think we read by giving the letters other shapes and losing parts of the words in order to question our brains’ automatic responses.
It is extremely interesting to see how we think we read a word that wasn´t there or how we are influenced by typography, colors, and design.

Sometimes I use a word or a sentence in my collages as an exercise of stream of consciousness; most of the time with a pinch of irony and humor.“
Dunia Barrera



Dunia Barrera (b. Madrid, 1979) is a collage artist currently living and working in Munich, Germany.
Barrera comes from an analog photography background, with her work having been exhibited in a solo exhibition at Photo España in 2002.
Now focused on the medium of collage, her work has been exhibited at the Carriage Barn Arts Center in New Canaan, CT in the United States and at Gallery Anspach in Brussels, among others.
She has been featured by Contemporary Collage Magazine and in the publications of Fragmented Collective.

Her work is in the collections of the Anthropology Museum of Madrid, the Subway System of Madrid and the Museum Cristobal Gabarron in Valladolid.





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